How do I upload my own photo or use a preloaded model? 

To upload a picture of your own, click the "upload photo" icon found below the photographs on the right side of the screen. Browse your computer for any photo you want to VirtuallyInk, double-click on the photo, press Upload and the picture is now saved to your account for use anytime! It will appear to the right side of the screen, under the "Photo" tab, along with your other photos and images. Double-click and it will populate the "My Projects" screen for you to Virtuallyink. To VirtuallyInk a pre-loaded image, just double click on any of the images on the "Photo" tab screen and it will populate the "My Projects" screen.

How do I select tattoos from your catalogue?

Click on the "Tattoo" tab at the top of the "My Projects" screen. Select one of the categories and then select a tattoo from that category. Double-click on the tattoo you selected and it will populate on the "My Projects" screen.


How do I upload tattoos I have obtained from other websites?

You can upload tattoos or artwork from other sites and sources by clicking on the "upload tattoo" icon below our preloaded tattoos, then follow the upload your own photo instructions.


How do I customize my body art?

You can use the customization tools we provide by placing your cursor on the icons found below the Editor screen. Use the "grey color bar" on the left side of the "My Projects" screen to lighten or darken the tattoo and use the "colored bar" on the right side of the "My Projects" screen to change color. Resize your tattoo, rotate the tattoo 360 degrees, crop the portion of the tattoo that would be covered under clothing, zoom in or zoom out, delete selected tattoos, save the look or clear the project.

How do I Create Text Tattoos or add Text to my photos?

Simply double click on the "T" icon below the photo screen. Erase the words "Type your text here", then enter your text (quotes, names, phrases, messages, etc) in the white box, choose a font, click OK and your text will appear in the "My Projects" screen. Customize your text for size, location, color, etc by following the body art customization instructions. VirtuallyInked supports multiple layers of tattoos, so create and customize as many tattoos in as many ways as you want!


How do I save my new VirtuallyInked Photos?

You can save your new body art to the "My Projects" file and upload it to your Photo or Pictures file or any file you want. First enter a title and click on the Save tab. Single click on the project picture you want to save, then double click on the Download Project icon below the pictures of your saved projects. Your newly saved project picture will appear full-sized in a new Window. Click on "file", click on "save as", give it a name, click on "open" and it will be saved to that file.

How can I share my new VirtuallyInked Body Art?

Download your Virtuallyinked photos and email. Or use our embed code and share your new body art on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or any social network site. Print your new VirtuallyInked photos. Bring them to your local Tattoo Artist!








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